Must See!!!

7 mayo 2019
13 mayo 2019

Best day of 16 day trip to Europe. Guides were excellent. Went on May 4, 2019. Went above and beyond to assist me in finding the Roman ruins of a 1st century villa in Tossa del Mar. Look it up. It is worth it. The boat was amazing and pleasantly surprised with a glass bottom to view the fish. Water was so clear and beautiful. This was truly world class. Amazing natural setting. Castle like fortifications like a fairy tail. Walled city. 12-13 century homes and town walls. This made my trip to Europe. Only an hour out of dirty, busy Barcelona to clear your soul. Would return to this area and spend a few days here. Incredible value and ran on time. We ate on the 1st stop, this gave is more time to see Tossa del Mar, which is the real gem. 1st hour long stop is a nice beach town full of retired Spaniards and places to eat. Bus was comfortable and boat ride amazing, felt very safe. Water was calm and would probably be a good swim once the weather is hotter for the summer. 1000% recommend!!!